2018 IAGC Conference

The very first International Conference on Generative Change will take place from August 20th-24th, 2018 at the University California Santa Cruz. Advocates of Generative Change from around the world will attend the conference to share ideas, processes, and tools. The conference will feature plenary sessions lead by Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan, and special guests. The conference presentations will consist of talks, demonstrations, workshops, and more!


Our Talk & Workshop

SFM and Conscious Leadership
Living the Experience
Workshop by Rubén Ballesteros and Xoan González Soto

Tuesday – August 21 (11:45 am – 12:45 pm) 

In this practical workshop, participants will have the opportunity to experience a reduced version of the personal journey that is involved in taking part in a modeling study, connecting key success factors with conscious leadership skills. Using the framework of the SFM Study in Spain, presented at a previous talk in the conference, participants will experience first hand how the model drives the connection of existing resources with key leadership moments to generate behaviors that lead to success.

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Success Factor Modeling™ Study in Spain.
Connecting success factors with Conscious Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.Talk by Ruben Ballesteros and Xoan González

Tuesday – August 21 (2:00 pm – 3:50 pm) LIVESTREAM

In this talk, Rubén Ballesteros and Xoan González Soto will illustrate a practical application of the SFM framework with successful next generation entrepreneurs in Spain across different industries. The key principles applied, the combination of online and offline methodologies to optimize the process as well as the key findings will be presented in this talk, as a sample of how the SFM model can serve companies and organization to improve organizational culture and business results. This study is the results of a collaboration between Dilts Strategy Group and two consultancy firms in Spain, Factor Coach and Brevity, with the partnership of TTI International. Under the executive sponsorship of Robert Dilts, Xoan and Rubén have conducted a success factor modeling study of 20 next-generation entrepreneurs in Spain that includes the key elements of conscious leadership as well as the emotional intelligence skills of every participant as key elements for successful ventures and organizations.