The Circle of Success

A critical element to be able to model the success of successful companies or ventures, has been to establish a framework that allows to connect all the critical pieces that will enable an organization to get alignment and get significant results as a team.

In the study of Success Factor Modeling that we just completed in Spain with 18 next generation entrepreneurs, we had the opportunity to do exactly that, to build the circle of success for each of these successful companies with their executive leaders at the center, leading from their values, beliefs and passion.

circle of success

But what exactly is the circle of success? Robert Dilts, author of the model, explains it concisely but very effectively in this short video.

We have established that at the center of every successful company or venture is a winning identity, driven by a relentless passion that transcends financial gain and that is able to fuel conscious leaders with a deep sense enthusiasm and energy about what they do.

So finding your passion and open up to your calling is always step number one in the journey to be successful at anything that you do. Have you found it yet?

Rubén Ballesteros
Director at brevity coaching.

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