The Circle of Success

A critical element to be able to model the success of successful companies or ventures, has been to establish a framework that allows to connect all the critical pieces that will enable an organization to get alignment and get significant results as a team.

In the study of Success Factor Modeling that we just completed in Spain with 18 next generation entrepreneurs, we had the opportunity to do exactly that, to build the circle of success for each of these successful companies with their executive leaders at the center, leading from their values, beliefs and passion.

circle of success

But what exactly is the circle of success? Robert Dilts, author of the model, explains it concisely but very effectively in this short video.

We have established that at the center of every successful company or venture is a winning identity, driven by a relentless passion that transcends financial gain and that is able to fuel conscious leaders with a deep sense enthusiasm and energy about what they do.

So finding your passion and open up to your calling is always step number one in the journey to be successful at anything that you do. Have you found it yet?

Rubén Ballesteros
Director at brevity coaching.

First International Conference on Generative Change


Last August, at University of California in Santa Cruz, with Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan and other talented presenters and authors, we took part as speakers in this first ever conference on Generative Change.

We presented the talk  “Modeling Success Factors (SFM) in Spain: Connecting SFM with Conscious Leadership and Emotional Intelligence” and later we ran the Workshop “SFM and Conscious Leadership – Living Experience”, where we reviewed the main points of the study and invite the attendees to experience in first person what modeling success factors looks like and what is the experience of being modeled.



Success Factor Modeling™ accompanying entrepreneurial projects at the University of Alicante

Last February we had the opportunity to participate in the Entrepreneur Projects Mentoring Program at the University of Alicante.


Bringing together more than 40 entrepreneurs, 5 large projects were selected and supervised by a team of expert mentors in different areas. In the opening session, Xoan González gave the attendees the workshop “The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs”, based on the SFM methodology developed by Robert Dilts and in which the keys of entrepreneurs of the new generation were explored through a process of modeling the success factors of large entrepreneurs, identifying with it the necessary critical patterns that contribute to being optimally prepared to recognize, create and take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the environment.


What can we do in companies to have more efficient, more committed and happier work teams?

In the team work we find the basis to maintain profitability for the company, and in turn retain the team members, attending to the “good health” of the same, looking for synergies that keep the organization in a leading position.

Currently, it is common to think that companies that have achieved great achievements can maintain an advantage over their competitors using the same procedures that have been effective until now or incorporating new, more efficient technologies. The pace of the environment, the productive changes, the increasingly flexible competition and increasingly prepared professionals looking for “exciting projects” instead of simple paid work, makes us understand that it is precisely in the human team where the company obtains a true sustainable competitive advantage and consequently, large areas of improvement.

foto equipo

Knowing the “WHAT” and the “HOW” a team shares their performance, is a primary task to obtain good results in the company.

What patterns of behavior, strategies and objectives does my team have? these are key questions to be answered and answered by the leaders in the company.

What is missing? How do we detect those key factors that can sometimes be acting as blind areas in the team? They are part of the work necessary to de-program habits or ineffective attitudes in it.

A High Performance Work Team works as a system with interrelations among its members. It is dynamic and has its own identity that must be aligned with the vision of the company and in turn must have certain doses of ambition at the service of the company, but always in the same direction. Seeking points of generative collaboration in the team.

There are different methodologies to address a work team training and thus lead to high performance, with high standards of creativity and productivity. From the perspective of team coaching, we face it in four distinct phases.

The first of these is the DIAGNOSTIC phase, with which we seek to detect if in the current problem of the equipment there are other hidden factors that impede optimal performance. In this phase, the existing communication processes are analyzed (both individually and at the team level), the clarity of the goals set by the organization, the structure of the tasks (roles and functions defined for each member), composition of the group and operation of the team.
For measurement processes, there are different tools, such as Talent Insights or Trimetrix, from the multinational TTI Success Insights, which will allow us to quantify and objectively evaluate the team’s starting situation.

From this diagnostic phase and once the objectives to work with the team are well defined, we move on to the INTERVENTION phase, with which we focus on uncovering the co-responsibility of the team members, generating intervision, as a way of discovering possible synergies and build overlaps between different views and opinions among team members.

The third phase is the MEASUREMENT of results, which seeks to review the milestones achieved and progress in the areas defined in the first phase.

Finally, the FOLLOW-UP phase of the action plans, both individual and team, to create unconscious habits that generate lasting results, making learning permanent resources that will lead the team to obtain excellent results in future situations.

Xoan González
Coach & Consultant