Emotional Intelligence

Optimizing your emotional intelligence to be the best leader (by TTI Success Insights)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is considered one of the most desirable characteristics in a leader. A study confirmed that people with a high level of EI could be from 40% to 122% more effective in leadership, management, negotiation and / or service positions. The Emotional Intelligence profile offers a simple model to understand and develop it.

The TTI Emotional Intelligence report was the first Emotional Intelligence report that was combined with DISC building the Conductual Intelligence Report®


What measures the profile of Emotional Intelligence?    

The Emotional Intelligence profile answers the question: Do we actively apply our emotional intelligence?
People with emotional intelligence tend to be aware of their own and others ’emotional states, as well as their impact and to take measures to improve their own and others’ emotional states.

The TTI Emotional Intelligence Report describes the 5 key factors:

Self-awareness: the effectiveness in the management of our emotional impulses and their effect on others.
Self-regulation: the degree of effectiveness in managing our emotions and moods in a positive way.
Motivation: the level of effectiveness when we focus for the achievement of goals.
Empathy: the effectiveness to observe and recognize the emotions of others.
Social Skills: the degree of effectiveness when we manage the emotional states of others.


TTI’s Emotional Intelligence Report consists of 13 pages. It is a simple, understandable and powerful document designed to be used by all people who want to improve their results from understanding and improving their emotional intelligence quotient.

Personal Profile Report Emotional Intelligence
This report presents the emotional quotient of a person with a detailed description in its two major areas: Emotional Interpersonal and Interpersonal Intelligence.

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